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Meg is currently conducting The Prom, a new hit musical on Broadway!

Much credit must be given to music director Zervoulis, who coaxed sounds of every decade from the piano. Playing rock music convincingly at a solo piano is extremely difficult; the genre is built for guitars and drums. Zervoulis breathed along with Sanders and the student singers, while keeping a rock-steady rhythmic drive.

-Rob Hartmann, (Re: Sheri Sanders' Rock the Audition In Concert)

Musical director and conductor Meg Zervoulis leads one of the best-sounding orchestras I’ve ever heard at the Paper Mill.

-Allen Neuner, (Re: Mary Poppins at Paper Mill Playhouse)

But the true magic of the production lies in performances. Denis Jones’ choreography soars and creates a unique spontaneity – especially in the bigger numbers. This is a wonderfully sung production with expert musical direction by Meg Zervoulis.

-Adam Cohen, (Re: Mary Poppins at Paper Mill Playhouse)